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Sunday, May 28, 2006

The MIT Blackjack Team

This is the story of the rise and fall of an empire created by a group of highly intellectual MIT students who used their brains' prowess to exploit the subtle loophole in gambling. Theoritically, this loophole exists only in the game of Blackjack which, according to experts, has independent outcomes, and most importantly, does not depend on luck, rather, is a game of mathematics. Using a technique labeled "counting", these brilliant MIT students employed this method so effectively, that it ultimately prompted a casino employer to say to one of the MIT Blackjack team pioneers: "You're are too good for us" and subsequently banned all members of the group.

According to the law, the technique that these people used in order to "beat the House" was legal, however, it is considered unethical according to the Casino code. It is considerably ironic of a Casino to speak of morals and ethics, but apparently they do abide by a certain conduct. Read more about the achievements and eventual downfall of the notorious MIT Blackjack team which crumbled due to internal and external conflict. Read more about it here.


Shirazi said...

You are seen less and less these days. Busy?

Raheel said...

pretty interesting.. I was seeing a documentary on Travel-n-Living channel where they said that people have chance of losing more in slot machines and less in blackjack but there you have to use ur mind =P

Las Vegas is so cool because of the ambience and lousy because of the gamblings =S

JK said...

I’ve always been sceptical about gambling. At University friends did a lot in the casinos in the city and lost a load of cash to some dodgy people and places. But eventually a friend said “Play online casino”, and I agreed to give it a go (after about four hours and debating the risks). So I signed up and played my first game of online casino blackjack, I lost but it was fun! Kept playing and was lucky enough to break even until I got the hang of it!
Has anybody got any tips or any success stories?

Anonymous said...

I hate going to casinos, it’s so competitive and if you lose you know who has taken your money and can even watch them walk away with it. Plus those high roller casino types you see throwing stupid amounts of money on the table makes everyone fold all the time, it makes things worse! So I’ve started playing online casino blackjack instead, blackjack is a friendlier game as you don’t compete directly against the other players. You’re all just trying to beat the dealer, you don’t hate each other and you can even have a friendly chat.